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Plastform 333 MDO

Plastform 333 MDO -High technology concrete formwork

Key Features: 
  • PLASTFORM MDO-333 is a modern product made up by film faced plywood boards for concrete forms.Boards are manufactured with high-density and defect-free tropical wood.


  • For conditions where a good use rate is desired due to the board high-performance, FOR CONCRETE FORMS (ARCHITECTURAL OR NOT).


  • Savings related to the forms good performance. Besides giving higher mechanical resistance to boards, MDO synthetic plate makes them more resistant to concrete action as well as non-reactant to heat generated by concrete while curing. The product accepts board marking, and is more resistant to abrasion and chemical action.

Comes in 2440mm X 1220mm x 18mm


Plastform 333 MDO.pdf1.06 MB

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